Jake Hartke

Jake Hartke

Corporate Trainer at Integra Marketing Agency - Sales & Marketing Company in Minnesota, Utah & Washington

Started : July 2021

Advice for someone new : Gain as much perspective as possible. You have unlimited resources in the business, who will all help you and your development.

Something interesting about yourself : I love going to live sporting events. I think it’s super interesting to see all the different stadiums and create great memories.

Favorite thing about your position: I love being able to help coach and guide others while reaching new levels of personal development each day.

Words to live by: "The moment you stop trying to better yourself, is the exact moment you’ve failed”

Best advice you’ve received in the business : Don’t get to focused on daily tasks and the highs and lows, but In those moments truly understand why you are here and where you can go.

Your career goals in the next 1-2 years : I see myself in management within 6 months. Opening and office, although I don’t know where that destination may be yet, I’m excited and ready for the journey.