Destiny Johnson

Destiny Johnson

Director at Integra Marketing Agency - Sales & Marketing Company in Minnesota & Washington

Started : February 2019

Advice for someone new : Be a sponge. Absorb absolutely everything. Even if things may not make sense at the moment, I promise you the knowledge is always valuable.

Something interesting about yourself : I was raised and surrounded by successful businessmen and women my whole life. I always wanted to achieve my success on my own. Something that genuinely motivates me is freedom. Freedom to choose what path I take (travel, schedule, lifestyle, career, etc.). My perfect free day, you can catch me in the water. Whether that is at home on Lake Minnetonka, at my family's island in Canada or on a vacation to scuba dive in the Caribbean. If I am not swimming, I am cooking. My husband and I love to entertain/host parties and you can always catch something delicious is the Johnson home!

Favorite thing about your position: I love being able to coach and learn from so many different people. People from so many different walks of life helps gain a lot of perspective. I love seeing the light bulb moment go off in people. Whether it's nailing down 5 steps, having a successful day in the field, building a team or running a meeting. I love to see people really grow and develop for themselves!

Words to live by: Stay Happy

Best advice you’ve received in the business : It is my job to coach everyone on this opportunity while acknowledging and accepting that not everyone is going to take this opportunity.

Your career goals in the next 1-2 years : I want to be successfully running 5 divisions successfully as well as have 15 promote out's.