Cody Webber

Cody Webber

Turnkey Acquisitions

Advice for someone new : Start with a clear understanding of your goals and work hard to achieve them. Surround yourself with positive, supportive people and never stop learning.

Favorite thing about your position : The ability to grow my business based on my work ethic and dedication.

Words to live by : "You must recognize what you are about to do, highlight what you do not like about it, and spend time visualizing each obstacle you can." This quote by David Goggins emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and preparation in achieving success. By acknowledging your challenges and obstacles, you can better prepare yourself to overcome them and reach your goals. This quote serves as a reminder always to be proactive and take control of your life and success.

Best advice you’ve received in business : Always be willing to take calculated risks and never stop learning.

Your career goals in the next 1-2years : I, the owner of Turnkey Acquisitions, have set a clear and ambitious plan for my business. In the next 1-2 years, I aim to have ten internal promotions within my company, indicating a thriving business with a strong team. Additionally, I want to expand my business to run a 5-store market in Spokane, demonstrating my drive for growth and success in the local market. These goals showcase my determination and commitment to making my business a success and my willingness to work hard to achieve my aspirations.