Employee Spotlight: Gibran Daldoul

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Meet Gibran Daldoul, Corporate Trainer at Integra Marketing Agency. He is responsible for training and setting office standards. Gibran started working with us four months ago and has a bright future ahead.

It’s tough to put into words Gibran’s importance, but the reason we’re featuring him on our blog this month is to showcase our appreciation for his efforts. Gibran has quite a reputation amongst employees who know him as well as among our clients.

Gibran’s unique strength is his ability to anticipate company needs and proactively set new and higher standards. He is passionate about coaching and is one of the top trainers in our office.

Gibran is a very aggressive student who has a very positive attitude. Moreover, he is always ready to help with any task we need. We can always count on him to volunteer for a new challenge, go on a road trip, or help with an expansion.

Currently, he is in Seattle, helping us launch successfully in our new territory.

There is no doubt that Gibran has the passion and commitment for Integra Marketing Agency, and we absolutely adore our relationship with him.

When we asked him about why he loves working with us, he grinned and said: “I look up to Ish Nayyar due to his ability to always overcome adversity and stay on top.”

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